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EJC ADVANTAGE LLC --- Offering Professional Environmental Engineering Services

EJC Advantage, LLC 

EJC Advantage, LLC is a small, professional environmental engineering company located in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. Currently we serve environmental clients in Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois, as well as throughout the United States of America.

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EJC Advantage LLC is focused on providing high-quality environmental services and customer satisfaction. We are known for providing Local Sensibility and World-Class Solutions to environmental problems and the resulting challenges that our clients face.

Edward R Close, PhD, PE
Our founder, Edward R. Close, PhD, PE, has more than 45 years experience in the environmental field, and is a recognized expert in environmental science and engineering. He completed most of his PhD at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, worked for the US Geological Survey for 13 years and last served that agency as a Senior Hydrologist and Reports Specialist, then for a number of large environmental consulting firms between 1978 and 1995, and opened his own small environmental engineering company in Jackson, Missouri, in 1995. He has been privileged to serve as a senior advisor and consultant to more than 20 Fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses, private individuals, and public entities.

Responding to the needs of Private, Public, and Corporate property owners everywhere, EJC offers services that assist in the growth and safety of your organization.   
Due Diligence, Environmental Site Assessment and Investigations
    o Property Transactions
    o Phase I ESA
    o Phase II ESA
Site Characterization
Indoor Air Quality Investigations    
    o Mold Sampling
    o Mold Remediation
Abatement, Mitigation and Remediation of Contaminants in Soil, Surface Water, and Groundwater
Soil and Water Sampling
Soil and Groundwater Remedial Systems Design and Implementation
Groundwater Flow Systems Investigations
Storm Water and Surface Water Investigations
Contaminant Plume Delineation in Complex Subsurface Conditions
Site Closures
Surface Water, Groundwater, and Soils Investigations, Monitoring, and Reporting
Regulatory Assistance
UST / AST Management
    o Site Characterization
    o Sampling and Monitoring
    o Tank Site Remediation
    o Closures

EJC's integration of multi-disciplined scientific expertise, up-to-date technology, sound management practices, and strong support functions have made technical excellence the foundation of our service. We form partnerships with our clients, helping them enhance their economic and business performance by providing insights that reduce and avoid liability, improve processes, prevent pollution and the resulting cleanup costs, solve existing problems that turn liabilities into assets, and assist clients in linking environmental management to operations in a way that helps to improve their financial performance.  

Environmental projects are often complex and involve a number of components which must be harmonized to achieve a successful outcome. To succeed in maintaining viable assets, you need science-based solutions that demonstrate proven expertise. Often the best approach is to find a single source for these services, as this will streamline the work process, maximize your performance, extend your budget, reduce the time you spend in addressing environmental issues, and ensure greater accountability.  

Consultants that specialize in hydrology, geology, chemistry, laboratory analysis, civil engineering, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, environmental drilling, well installation, excavation, demolition, remediation, waste recovery, recycling and disposal all form a part of EJC's multidisciplinary team of professionals that are dedicated to providing cost-effective, quality services. We are proficient in organizing, coordinating, and managing the synergism of the diverse technical experts required to provide total solutions for your environmental projects.   

Doing the right thing in environmental science and engineering involves knowing what course of action is most appropriate to achieve the desired ends, and there is no substitute for knowledge and experience in determining the right action to take. 




National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) 

And the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA)

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